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Instagram black hat practices

73 Instagram follows in 7 hours.

All by no-name accounts with less than 5 posts, less than 20 followers and hundreds of follows. They are obviously building their accounts. So many similarities make me believe all the accounts are owned by the same people.

Facebook has been cracking down on fake accounts both on FB and IG, that’s not a secret. It’s not a secret they’ve intensified their operations in the past months to the point you can’t even open a new account ESPECIALLY if you are using the same name, IP, location, phone number, etc as you did in any of your past accounts (regardless of the past account status).

As a result we are seeing substantially more desperate people in discussion groups looking for aged accounts for purchase and strategies how to grow them without triggering a ban.

So, when I saw 73 followers in 7 hours I immediately changed all my login info and added 2FA. But I haven’t stopped there: I also removed most of those followers. That is for several reasons – some of them being the quality of your account depends on your followers’ engagement, and if possible I’d prefer to fly under the radar when it comes to being targeted by hackers for aged, reall followers accounts. Because that happens with IG – more often than you can imagine. We’ll talk about that in the next post.

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Best smartphone remote control software as tested by Tessa Digital

Looking to remote control your elderly parents’ smartphone (to fix stuff)? Use GoToAssist Customer app for them and GoToAssist desktop for you. You have 7 day trial version. Monthly subscription is $90 so it’s not worth it but this one is the only one that works …with few glitches so be patient and make sure you use web view – downloading desktop app is not worth it.I am speaking from experience – i tried:

  • Inkwire – horrible to connect and no control
  • TeamViewer – doesn’t have a functional customer app (it does but it’s not functional)
  • Splashtop – unstable, unable to control, just view
  • AirDroid AirMirror – doesn’t work
  • Anydesk – doesn’t work

I am not paid by any of these companies

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Facebook timeline visibility algorithm test

A page follower has not seen any page posts in her timeline for a long time. A picture she sent via messenger was posted on that page, with some captions. This post shows up in her timeline. Why this post?Two potential explanations:

1. Because she is currently located in the country mentioned in that post

2. Because algorithm noticed the photo she sent and the photo in the post figuring the photo has something to do with her.In either of these hypotheses it seems FB algo is smart.

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