Best smartphone remote control software as tested by Tessa Digital

Looking to remote control your elderly parents’ smartphone (to fix stuff)? Use GoToAssist Customer app for them and GoToAssist desktop for you. You have 7 day trial version. Monthly subscription is $90 so it’s not worth it but this one is the only one that works …with few glitches so be patient and make sure you use web view – downloading desktop app is not worth it.I am speaking from experience – i tried:

  • Inkwire – horrible to connect and no control
  • TeamViewer – doesn’t have a functional customer app (it does but it’s not functional)
  • Splashtop – unstable, unable to control, just view
  • AirDroid AirMirror – doesn’t work
  • Anydesk – doesn’t work

I am not paid by any of these companies

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