16 Areas of Every Digital Marketing Business & Digital Tools We Recommend

Website Platforms

WordPress –  Easy, free and very customizable.  We use WordPress for all of our websites and blogs.

Weebly – Easy website builder.

StudioPress – Well designed and well supported WordPress themes for building blogs and websites.  Many of the themes are mobile responsive.

Theme Forest – Massive selection of WordPress themes.  If you can’t find what you want at StudioPress, head over to Theme Forest.

Google Tag Manager – We use this as a way to quickly deploy new scripts on our site, easily install tracking code, and develop advanced rules for when these scripts should run. This is free and helps side step IT…it’s a win/win

Sucuri – We use Sucuri to monitor our websites for malware and clean up the website if we get hacked.

BackUp Buddy – Back up your WordPress website so you can restore if your site crashes or gets hacked.

Landing Pages

OptimizePress 2 – We build landing pages and membership sites using Optimize Press 2.  Pick from a list of templates that are proven to work or build your own.  We use Optimize Press to build most of our long-form sales pages.

Lead Pages – We use Lead Pages to build most of our opt-in squeeze pages and Video Sales Letter pages.

Instapage – This is our landing page prototype tool. When we don’t have dev resources or aren’t sure how a new design will perform, we use Instapage to test it out.

Unbounce – A more technical landing page tool creator with clean code and beautiful templates. Definitely worth a shot if you love great design.

Hosting/Domain Registration

Rackspace – We’re currently using Rackspace to host

WP Engine – Solid WordPress hosting and with unparalleled security.

HostGator – If you are just starting out and are looking for low-cost hosting, we recommend HostGator.

GoDaddy – We register all of our domains at GoDaddy.  The interface is straight forward and the price is right.

Membership Sites

WordPress + Infusionsoft + Memberium – We use the Memberium plug-in for WordPress to verify member access with Infusionsoft.

OptimizePress – We build the membership pages themselves in Optimize Press and, again, password protect those pages using Memberium.

Email Marketing

Maropost – Most of our promotional email is sent through Maropost.  It’s an enterprise level system that allows for sophisticated email list segmentation.

InfusionSoft – We send some email through InfusionSoft but, in many cases, our email marketing needs have outgrown InfusionSoft.

AWeber – If you are just starting out we use and recommend AWeber for its deliverability and ease of use.

ActiveCampaign – Very powerful email marketing automation with a lightweight CRM.

Klaviyo – Very good email marketing software for ecommerce businesses.

Screen Capture

Screenflow – If you’re using a Mac we recommend Screenflow for creating screencast video.  It’s simple to record and edit from within this program.

Camtasia – For PC users we recommend using Camtasia.  Similar to Screenflow you can easily create and edit screencast video.

Jing – For short form screencast video we use Jing.  You can turn it on, shoot a quick screencast video and shoot a link to a colleague or customer where they can view the video.

SnagIt –  Capture almost anything on your screen, make edits, resize.  It’s a bloggers must have tool.


EZS3 – We use EZS3 to upload and deliver video that we host on Amazon S3.  We can customize the video player and generate the embed code from within EZS3.

Wistia – We use Wistia to add email opt-ins and other calls-to-action to video.  It looks great on every device and has outstanding analytics.

HandBrake – We use Handbrake to compress video and convert video from nearly any format into a format we can use.

PowToon – Easily create explainer video.

Video Blocks – You’ll find a great selection of reasonably priced royalty free video on Video Blocks.  We use them to add a bit of flare to our videos.


InfusionSoft – We use InfusionSoft to manage our customers, process payments and manage access to our various membership websites.  We also occasionally send email through InfusionSoft.

Samcart – Used to build order forms and other pages that “sell”.

Payment Processing

Stripe – Dependable, easy to configure payment processing with a rich feature set.

Braintree – Secure payment processor and gateway all in one.

Square – We use Square to process credit card payments at our events.

NMI – NMI has been a reliable payment gateway for Digital Marketer for years.

Website Development

Transmit – For Mac users we recommend Transmit for FTP, SFTP and to manage files on Amazon S3.

Filezilla – For PC user we recommend Filezilla for FTP and SFTP.  It’s free and well supported.

Versions – For Mac users we recommend Versions for version control and tracking changes made to files.


Evernote – The ultimate productivity tool for syncing information across all of your devices.  Highly searchable.

HipChat – We use HipChat as our private Instant Message platform in the office.  You can share files and create private rooms.

Gliffy – We use Gliffy to draw diagrams and map out plans for marketing funnels.

Podio – We use Podio as our project management platform.  We can share files, track progress and collaborate on specific projects from within Podio.

Google Docs – We use Google Docs to store and collaborate on documents that we use and update often.

Dropbox – This I how we keep our files in order, especially those pesky large file folders that you can share via email. We use this for our internal teams and for our partner initiatives too.

Slack – We’ve recently outsed HipChat with Slack. It’s another great internal chat tool with more bells and whistles.

Virtual Meeting/Webinar

GoToMeeting – We use GoToMeeting for small meetings where we need screen sharing capability.

GoToWebinar – We use GoToWebinar to deliver and record large webinars to customers and prospects.

Social Media

HootSuite Pro – We use Hootsuite Pro to manage Twitter.  We like how easy it is to add Google UTM parameters in the pro version.  It’s easy to use and cloud based.

MeetEdgar – Another alternative to Hootsuite that we use to schedule our posts on social media. Make sure to use UTM parameters to measure your social media efforts in Google Analytics.

Mention – Social listening and reputation management software with a reasonable price.

Graphic Design/Images

Dreamstime – We use Dreamstime to purchase royalty free images for blog posts and other marketing collateral.  They have a very large selection and good pricing.

Adobe Creative Cloud – We use Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro and occasionally Dreamweaver in-house to create and edit graphics, web pages and video.

Customer Service

Zendesk – We use Zendesk to manage customer service both through email and phone.

HelpScout – Dependable and secure help desk software.

Analytics, Testing & Optimization Tools

Visual Website Optimizer – For drop-dead simple ease of use in creating split and multi-variate website tests we recommend Visual Website Optimizer.  It’s point-and-click interface and support documentation make it easy to get started testing.

Improvely –  Get Analytics that show how funnels are performing.

Clickmeter – Create and track the performance of links.

Google Analytics – We’ve tried the more expensive analytics solutions and we keep coming back to good ol’ Google Analytics.

Optimonk – We use Optimonk for our onsite retargeting efforts. We use this for our exit pops, scroll pops, and targeted offers.

Optinmonster – This is an alternative to Optimonk with it’s main strength coming from the WordPress plugin. They’ve recently released a SaaS option that is definitely worth checking out.

BananaSplash – A mobile-centric pop-up tool that utilizes mobile templates and advanced targeting.

TruConversion – A qualitative data tool that provides heatmaps, session recordings, user surveys, and more.

Hotjar – Heatmaps, session recordings, user surveys, and more in a single tool.

PushCrew – We use PushCrew to send push notifications to blog readers, podcast listeners and customers. We send a mix of content and offers.

Contest Tools

Contest Domination – We use this at Native Commerce to create viral contests.

Gleam – We use Gleam to create contests and social rewards programs to increase shares, consumption, and sales.

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Let’s talk about online trolls


a case in point showing how online trolling (and consequential virality) works. Screenshots show the tactics employed while metrics support my assumptions. The post is organic from a 21 followers page.



Word ‘trolls’ really doesn’t apply to the advanced tactics these commentators undertake. Nowadays they are organized, come in groups, united in their goal which is usually to be the opposing side of an issue and drown the voices of regular visitors in the number of their comments. If anyone knows the word for this type of organized trolling, please share.

I have a new current events fact-checking Facebook page. I’ve had it for about 2 months and have only 21 followers, 16 likes and not looking to grow the audience right now.

About two weeks old post about police brutality has gained modest traction as some 10 non-fans shared and reacted. But somehow the post caught attention of a troll. That was less than 24 hours ago. Since then this post gained 75 reactions and comments which drowned every other comment. Nobody responded to their comments, so there is no discussion or conflict. Yet. But if anyone did respond, this would be ugly.

This example shines a light on manipulation of online attention: not only is it impossible to see others’ opinions but this flood of unified message is drowning the fact that the event had occurred regardless of anyone’s opinion. A random visitor sees 75 people pointing out the sky is green, they too may think 75 people cannot be wrong.

*Note: in order to avoid conflict on your page you may attempt to hide or delete problematic comments. This is fine while its manageable. But an army of organized trolls can and will overwhelm you at which point you can only delete the post – or risk them spread through your page and do intentional damage.
Original link from the picture:…/status/1267257954048278529


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How to Invite All on Facebook Pages


Facebook Page likes:
On June 8 we talked about FB pages new feature where you can invite to like your page all those who liked your posts (especially those you boosted) but didn’t like your page. (Link to that post is here

We figured out how to get that Invite All button when we want it – it’s not from FB Page Manager, it’s actually from your personal profile then you go to settings > my pages > and you go to your page notifications. You will see notifications such as “Jane Doe and John Doe liked your post. Help them see more by inviting them to like your page”. You click on that type of notifications and ONLY THEN CAN YOU SEE this INVITE ALL button.

Screenshots below how to get to your page via your profile and notifications offering you this Invite All option.

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How GoDaddy Hosting Limits Your Resources

If you struggle with GoDaddy’s file manager limit – here is what I found out. The hard way.

GoDaddy limits your resources when you are taking more than others hosted on the same server. You are not using all your resources, but you are using more bandwidth than others which triggers clampdown on your activity and you have to give up. It’s not an option – you are forced to give up because no site works. Everything stops.

Today I was uploading favicon to one of my pages. It was 47KB and the upload stopped because all the data transfer stopped because of this limitation. So I waited a bit, and once it calmed down, I continued.

Disclosure: I am using GoDaddy Ultimate shared hosting plan for 13 of my pages with literally no traffic, no heavy media, and 4 sites are AMP enabled – meaning they are as plain as they can be. The only thing that GoDaddy recommends is 10 sites or less for a hosting plan of this size.

Next time we’ll talk about file usage limits on GoDaddy.

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