Your PC is suddenly slow and you don’t know why

When you bought your PC it worked well, and then it started to slow down after a while. Now, there’s many reasons and one of the reasons, why is that is your CPU is throttling. Let me explain what throttling is first.

What is CPU throttling

Here I think of it as the brain and it controls everything inside. Your computer does all the calculations and so on and so forth. You know how when you get a heat stroke you feel slow and lacking energy? Same thing with the CPU when it gets too hot it slows down. Your CPU can recover because it has a built-in program microcode that slows it down. It’s called throttling. What happens is When your CPU is running at a low utilization minds running at 3.9 because it’s doing something right? Now, your normal temperature should be at around 55 to 60 degrees F. I want to see about 55. How do you know if your temperature is at 55 when you don’t have that program?

One thing you can do is download this program called CPU HW Monitor. I’m going to show you that so this is what the CPU might look like. What’s inside the CPU and here it is HW monitor. See that’s the first thing that comes up and you want to do is download this program. You want to install it. I’m going to post this video and you’re going to see the link here:

What I recommend you to do is press Ctrl shift and ESC to open up the task manager on a right then go to your performance and look at the CPU utilization. And if you scroll down on the left side, you’re going to see that your CPU under Intel Core i7 (yours might be Intel or AMD or something else) look at the temperature and see how hot it’s running – running at about I don’t know between 50 to 60 degrees, which is fine because It’s doing something I’m not worried about the cooling at all. You can always improve cooling but sometimes it could be running at 60, 70, 80, degrees while not doing anything or a might be doing something. This could be due to malware on your computer, but I’m going to talk about this in the future.

Once again download the hardware monitor see if you CPU is running hot. Look inside your computer and see if that bad boy is looking like it’s full of dust. In that case you may have issues with your fan and may need to replace your fan. We’re going to talk about the cooling you can go you can get one of these fans and added a tad like an exhaust fan to make it a little bit better cool.

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