How to speed up your Mac by forcing rogue apps to quit

Out of a thousand Reasons why you Mac can slow down. One of them is the fact that your apps are misbehaving. I’m going to show you how to identify that app and how to kill it. First you to go to your Spotlight and type activity monitor. Once you do that click on activity monitor and here you can see all the apps that are running go to view and out of all the options click on all processes on the right side. You’re going to see that everything is sorted by CPU if it isn’t click. That once everything sorted by CPU can see which one which app is using the most here you can identify which app is using the most resources and if a certain app is using way more resources than its supposed to you can just go here and kill it. You can do it by highlighting the app like this. I’m going to highlight Google Chrome and you can just click the X to kill it.

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